Designing 5E Instructional Sequences

The 5E Model is a great way to develop our own understanding of how students construct knowledge from the experiences that happen within our classrooms.

In this workshop series, we will explore

  • how conceptual understanding of science content develops for your students, so you can create instructional sequences that work
  • how to create 5E activities and learning sequences [“chunks” within your student-driven storyline] for your own classroom, so you can truly engage your students in 3D exploration and discovery


Why The 5E Model?

I’ll be honest – at this point, I don’t stick to the 5E Model as I’m designing my instructional sequences. I don’t necessarily run through “engage,” “explore,” “explain,” “elaborate,” and so forth in designing activities. That said, I do recommend the 5E Model as a way to think about the purpose of each phase of learning.

As I’m designing my anchor experiences, I’m thinking about what I know about the engage phase — how I’m aiming to spark curiosity, activate prior knowledge, and generate questions.

When I’m ready for students to learn a new concept, I go for explore — considering how I can set up the activity to allow students to discover the concepts for themselves, to put the ideas together in their own brain in order to walk away with a deep, conceptual understanding.

Through exploration and moving forward, I think about my explain phase — the “meaning-making” or “sense-making” activities that clarify and reinforce understandings — sometimes adding details, fleshing out ideas, making sure we’re on “the same page.”

In my own classroom, I think about how I can elaborate on student understanding — providing new opportunities to practice and transfer their learning.

The purposes are the same… so in many ways, I still use the 5E Model. I just don’t confine myself to checking off boxes of phases or learning tasks anymore, and I don’t put the 5E Model front-and-center in my storyline planning. I could certainly categorize each and every activity in an instructional sequence into a phase — but I no longer find I need to.

All that said, it has taken me many years to get here.

And if you’re just starting out designing three-dimensional learning sequences, I can’t recommend a better place to begin than the 5E Model.

With that in mind, this course is designed to walk you through understanding the phases of the 5E Model — the stages of a learning sequence — in order to design a sequence (and all the activities that fall within it) for yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is this course happening?

Designing 5E Instructional Sequences is an on-demand program. This means you have the freedom and flexibility to digest material on your schedule and at your own pace.


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3. What exactly does this program include?

Designing 5E Instructional Sequences is an on-demand course with six modules (each with 4-5 video workshops) available immediately upon purchase. Each module is roughly 45-60 minutes in length. Video versions are provided, and some videos include additional supplementary printable materials.


4. What is your refund policy?

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5. What if I need support?

The Spark Science website includes a forum where you can seek support and guidance as you complete the course.