Track 1: Reset Your Teacher Mindset

Bring Wonder Back

  • Understand why “teaching topics” is killing curiosity and what to do instead
  • Redefine your role as an educator and shift the work of learning where it belongs which means less work for you
  • Transform your students into scientists which means creating a generation of creative, critical-thinkers

Amplify Authentic Engagement

  • Understand why “relationships first” is fundamental to authentic learning and explore tangible strategies to develop your student community
  • Learn how to utilize the “relationships first” approach to select the right phenomenon for each and every unit storyline
  • Explore concrete strategies to sustain flow and maintain high levels of engagement from start to finish

Track 2: Transition To Student-Owned Science Learning

Foundations Formula

  • Reevaluate how you launch science learning in order to better engage and motivate your students to step up and into their own learning journey
  • Rethink how you get your students from “A to Z” in order to reach curriculum goals while empowering students to take more responsibility for their experience and meet their own needs
  • Transform your role in the classroom from teacher to guide to create space for exploration and discovery in order to deepen learning and improve understanding and retention

Designing 5E Instructional Sequences

  • Learn how conceptual understanding of science content develops for your students through a study of the 5E Model.
  • Learn how to create 5E instructional sequences and activities [“chunks” within your student-driven storyline] for your own classroom.

Track 3: Elevate 3D Teaching & Learning

Exploration Alchemy: Flip Your Lesson For Discovery

  • Learn how to flip any lesson to expand opportunities for students to engage in exploration and truly discover the science content for themselves.
title Deep Dive Science and Engineering Practices

Deep Dive: Science & Engineering Practices

  • This course will deep-dive into the Science and Engineering Practices, providing an overview of each practice and sharing ways you can incorporate the many skills that fall under its umbrella in bite-size pieces that make three-dimensional teaching manageable in the day to day classroom.
  • [This course is under development.]

Teaching With Science Notebooks

  • Learn concrete strategies to get started with traditional (paper and pencil) as well as digital science notebooks that support NGSS-aligned, student-driven storyline learning.

New Trainings Coming Soon!

Browse Bite-Size Professional Learning

  • Notebooking: Putting Student Ideas First
  • Discussion Prompts
  • Analyzing Investigations With Current Events
  • “My Best Mistake”
  • Observe Yourself
  • Embracing Bayes’ Learning

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