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Spark Science was designed to give you the tools and know-how to shift ownership to your students today.

What Is Included?

On-Demand Professional Learning Library

Grow as an educator on a schedule that works for you. Learn how to build your classroom on a foundation of curiosity and internal drive, learning partnerships, and student empowerment. Explore how to create flow and ease, while bringing joy back into education, through co-constructed learning journeys.


Begin your journey with The SOS System: Foundations Formula. Reevaluate how you launch science learning in order to better engage and motivate your students to step up and into their own learning journey. Rethink how you get your students from “A to Z” in order to reach curriculum goals while empowering students to take more responsibility for their experience and meet their own needs. Transform your role in the classroom from teacher to guide to create space for exploration and discovery in order to deepen learning and improve understanding and retention.


Authentic engagement is the foundation for all true learning. We can talk at our students, we can assign work, and we can issue consequences for failing to comply… but we can’t actually make our students learn

In this workshop series, we will explore the brain science behind engaging and motivating our students to become self-driven learners. Set the stage for your transition to a more student-owned science experience.

The Spark Curriculum Collection

Storyline Frameworks are designed to support you and your students in co-constructing your learning journeys. Materials are designed to be used flexibly, and the beauty of the Spark Curriculum Collection is precisely that it is not a one-size-fits-all curriculum.

Access the Spark Curriculum Library to take advantage of Storyline Frameworks that:

  • use relevant phenomena and anchor experiences to spark student curiosity and wonder and launch learning journeys
  • provide foundational lessons that move students along potential pathways to your standards, while simultaneously empowering students and teachers to follow their own way there
  • engage students in authentic work while evaluating growth and mastery through three dimensional assessment tasks

Spark Storyline Frameworks are built on phenomena that light up your students’ sense of curiosity and wonder, provide pathways to the standards that empower you to follow your own way there, and culminate in three dimensional assessment tasks that engage students in authentic work while evaluating their growth and mastery.

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