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Reimagine your science curriculum and empower your students to own their 3D learning. 

The Spark Subscription was designed to empower you to implement a student-driven curriculum unique to the needs of your classroom. Spark storylines are built on phenomena that light up your students’ sense of curiosity and wonder, provide pathways to the standards that empower you to follow your own way there, and culminate in three dimensional assessment tasks that engage students in authentic work while evaluating their growth and mastery.

With the Spark Subscription, each month you receive

  • a SPARK Anchor Experience to engage students with a new phenomenon
  • a flexible storyline map with suggested pathways and content connections
  • an engaging three dimensional assessment task with supporting student organizers, guides, and rubrics
  • up to three weeks of explorations and investigations that support student mastery of the focus standards
  • weekly quick-implement strategies, teaching tips, and extension ideas

What Is Included?

Spark Anchor

Each month, an engaging Anchor Experience sparks curiosity and establishes relevance for the science content targeted by the focus standards. The Spark Anchor engages students in three dimensional learning over several classes to build buy-in and generate quality questions that will drive student learning forward throughout the entire storyline.

The Spark Anchor solves the problem, how do I set my students up to take ownership of the storyline?

Educator Guide + Pathways Map

The Science In The Storyline Educator Guide provides an overview of the anchor phenomenon and how it connects to the targeted standards — all three dimensions!

The Pathways Map allows you to be responsive to students while still planning ahead. By suggesting potential routes student learning could take – and framing these routes as questions your students will answer – you as the educator can look ahead to the explorations that move students toward your unit objectives while still giving you space to respond to their interests and needs.

The Educator Guide answers the question, Where do we go from here?

Three Dimensional+ Assessments

Assessment tasks are opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery while taking their learning further. In the Spark Subscription’s 3D+ assessment tasks, students have the opportunity to tackle tasks that matter, pairing their own interests, experiences, and identities with the focus science content to provide evidence of their growth and mastery through the storyline.

Explorations, Investigations, Student Materials, and Support

Each month, you will receive ready-to-go resources and tools, plus a ton of inspiration, to support student learning through the suggested pathways and assessment tasks. You can be confident you are utilizing best-practices when it comes to three dimensional exploration and discovery-based learning without sacrificing hours upon hours of your nights and weekends.

Browse all of the available resources!

Bonus Workshops

  • Bring Wonder Back: Intro To Teaching In 3D
  • Why This?: Creating Anchored Science Experiences
  • Exploration Alchemy: Flip Your Lesson For Discovery

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